The Best of St. Thomas All-In-One Shore Excursion!

  David's private Fun Tours!

The Best Sightseeing Tour On ST. Thomas!


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The Best of St. Thomas Sightseeing Tour Combination!

St. Thomas Tour Overview:

     For the BEST Private Tour Combination in St. Thomas look no further!  Get to 

Experience 6 of the Best things on St. Thomas in 1 day; with just you and your family or 

group.  Avoid the overcrowded tours with this Exclusive Private Tour Combination.

     Get to do a Sightseeing tour, a historic tour, get your pictures taken with 

the gorgeous island views in the background with your camera, do some fabulous duty free 

shopping, eat lunch at a delicious local restaurant, then swim/relax at magens bay beach, one 

of the top ten beaches in the world.  Explore St. Thomas with just you and your group!  Guest 

are also free to customize the tour to how they like.  Guest or free to add or delete any part of 

this tour.