The Best of St. Thomas All-In-One Shore Excursion!

  David's private Fun Tours!

The Best Sightseeing Tour On ST. Thomas!

Sightseeing Tour in St. Thomas


     Your tour begins when your professional guide meets you and your 

guest at the designated pickup location where you will board a 

vehicle equipped with seat belts.  You will then be whisk away 

to the beautiful north side of the island, taken in the most 

breathtaking view along the way up the mountains where four of the 

most splendid stops will be made at different observation decks.


1.) The first stop will be at skyline drive scenic lookout, 900 ft. above sea 

level looking over the city. 

2.) Next stop you will be driven to drakes seat; once a lookout

to a pirate looking over magens bay, Tortola, and other surrounding


3.) Next stop you will be driven further up the mountains to 

mountain top, 1,500 ft. above sea level looking over the east side, 

St. John and other surrounding islands.  

4.) Next stop you will be driven to the north western part of

the island looking over the western part of the island, the airport and 

other surrounding islands.  

     At all four of these stops your tour guide will point out 

superb highlights along with other islands.  Here he will also take your 

camera and take you and your guest pictures incorporating the views in 

background.  Your tour guide will also answer any questions or inquires 

about what you are seeing. This is the sightseeing, cultural part of 

the tour and is usually 1 1/2 hours.  (More time is given if needed.  

Remember this is your tour, private, your pace.)

      5.) Next, its time for the historical part of the tour, guest will be 

carried to the Dutch Reform church; built in the 1700's. This is were the 

purchase of the Virgin Islands went down in 1917 from the Danish.  

Second, guest will be shown 2nd oldest Jewish 

Synagogue in the western hemisphere built in the 1700's. 3rd you will be 

shown one of the oldest active hotel in the Virgin Islands; hotel 1829. 

4th, you will be shown the 99 steps.  5th, you will get to see black beards 

castle. 6th, you will get to see the statues of the 3 queens.  7th, you will 

get to see one of the oldest active Lutheran church, built in 1666. Last, 

you will get to see Fort Christian built in 1671.  This is usually

a 1/2 hour. ( More time is given if needed.)

     6.) Next is time for a bite of some mouthwatering local food!  You will 

get to try some finger-licking local cuisine.  

     7.) Next it is time to do some fabulous shopping, one of the best 

duty free district in the world.  Tour guide will show you the 

best places to shop.  This is usually 2 hours.  (More time is given if needed.)

      8.) After this you will be taken back over the mountains to world 

famous magen's bay beach.  This beach is not only the best beach on St. 

Thomas; its one of the top ten beaches in the world.  Your tour guide will 

point out were rest rooms, bars, showers, rental equipment are located.  

All your stuff will be locked in the car and tour guide will wait for 

you.  You will be given any amount of time as you needed.  

Note: Guest can always go to another beach of their choice. Guest can 

also CUSTOMIZE this tour to there liking. You can ADD, DELETE, or EXTEND, 

any part of this itinerary!

Where and When:

Meet up location: Crown bay port.  I will be at the wind mill.  As you 

come off the ship you will have to ask the dispatcher for the wind mill.   I 

will be there to greet you with a  welcome sign that states "Davids Fun 

Tours."(Not far from your boat).  For haven sight port guest 

you will be pickup at gate 3; internet tours shed.  Please ask the 

dispatcher for gate 3.  (Not far from your boat).  

For hotel guest you will be pick up at the hotel lobby.


End location: After this shore excursion you will be brought back to your 

cruise ship(on time). For hotel guest you will be drop back to the hotel 


Duration: 6 Hours.  (Extra time is given if needed at no extra cost).

What's Included:  My service as a certified, sightseeing and historic 

tour guide. Transportation to all locations is included. Your pictures 

taken with views in background with your camera is included. Pickup 

from ship/hotel and drop back to the ship/hotel on time is included.  

Cold bottle water.